(OTC:TMPS) Tempus Applied Solutions Making Waves with Acquisition Of Ex-Royal Air Force Air-To-Air Refueling Aircraft

(OTC:TMPS) Tempus Applied Solutions Making Waves with Acquisition Of Ex-Royal Air Force Air-To-Air Refueling Aircraft

Making waves in the defence sector, Tempus Applied Solutions has recently released news on its acquisition of Ex-Royal Air Force Air-To-Air refuleing aircraft. Situated in Williamsburg, Virginia, Tempus provides turnkey and customized design, engineering, modification and integration services, and operations solutions that support aircraft critical mission requirements for various international customers including the United States Department of Defense, other U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, and heads of state. Tempus designs and implements special-mission aircraft modifications related to intelligence; surveillance and reconnaissance systems; new generation command, control and communications systems; and VIP interior components. Tempus also provides ongoing operational support, including flight crews, maintenance, and other services to its customers.

Recently, Tempus Applied Solutions in Williamsburg, Virginia, won an approximately $1.2 million contract from the United States Air Force to provide technical aircraft modification and integration services and flight operations – including engineering and electrical modifications; integration of an ultraviolet laser, telescope, and advanced optical sensors; and flight testing – to the Weapons Development and Integration Directorate (WDID), Platform Integration Function, for aviation systems.

“Tempus is looking forward to working with the U.S. Air Force on this project,”

says Tempus CEO Scott Terry.

“This is a great opportunity to participate in a project that will provide critical insight into atmospheric conditions and its effect on next-generation aviation platforms. We hope to continue working on such programs with USAF in the future.”

However most significant is its recent acquisition o Ex-Royal Air Force Air-To-Air Refueling Aircraft, Company CEO Scott Terry stated,

“We are delighted that the aircraft inspections and records reviews were consistent with our expectations thus allowing us to complete this very important transaction.  We can now focus our attention on military customers in the USA and NATO that have urgent requirements for air-to-air refueling services.” Terry added, “Now that the deal is closed, our potential customers can better understand our commitment to the aerial refueling mission.”



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