(OTC:AGYP) Allied Energy Corporation Poised for Rapid Growth in Global Organic Fertilizer Use

(OTC:AGYP) Allied Energy Corporation Poised for Rapid Growth in Global Organic Fertilizer Use

Nevada-based Allied Energy Corporation “AEC” is launching a marketing and distribution strategy for a promising line of revolutionary organic fertilizer throughout the Americas. Basically, we are in the business of enabling farmers to energize & enrich their soils while avoiding the overuse of expense and environmentally unsound synthetic, chemical fertilizers


The Company’s flagship line of organic fertilizers, BBWG™, is an environmentally-friendly proven product that nourishes and replenishes the soil and improves crop yields and product quality … benefits that flow straight to the grower’s bottom line. Economical and easy to use, BBWG™ produces outstanding results; especially in areas of depleted soils or soils of high salinity, or where arid conditions stunt plant growth.The increase in a grower’s profits that is derived from using BBWG™ represents excellent potential for the success of the Joint Development and Marketing Project.


Setting off scanners this week is Allied Energy Corporation (OTC:AGYP), as the stock rose from $0.0055 to $0.012 in a single week, on very little volume. Due to the desirable low number of authorized shares (transfer agent verified 300,000,000), this stock has a history of major runs. With news, this company can see new all time highs.

A better look at their flagship product, BBWG.


The revolutionary BBWG product family encompasses a line of natural biological fertilizers and soil nutrient enhancement and micronutrient fixation systems. It enriches soil and boosts plant growth through complex biologically enabled micronutrient molecular delivery systems.

BBWG has proven to be an extraordinarily successful fertilizer and soil enhancer across a wide variety of applications that have greatly increased plant growth and yield that positively impacted the agricultural grower’s profitability without depleting the soil or threatening the environment.


For the first time in a period of months, AGYP has been upgraded on BarChart.com from a “SELL OPINION” to a “BUY OPINION”, which echos earlier analysis indicating a trend reversal in progress. We can see by the chart, once the resistence is broken at $0.0112, we should see some significant gains. Furthermore, due to the low float of this stock, it would not take much volume for this to break through res.1, and proceed to new highs.


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